Domination Interest Rates

Hello everyone,

Can someone explain me those impressive interest rates at Domination:

Is that a bug or a feature?

Thanks for the help.

I’m not on Domination, but the interest rates should be as follows:
Prime Rate is for Aircraft Leasing from ATO
Loans with/without securities - I’m assuming private loans but not 100% sure
Rescue Loans - the ones you get when you can’t pay your weekly closing (eg Staff) or maybe aircraft though in my experience it has been just staff
the “Assuming AAA Rating” means that if your airline is not AAA-rated (check on Dashboard), the rates will be higher.
Anyone please feel free to correct me on any of these.

While there is not a Domination game board (for some reason :roll_eyes:) use the English Boards or the Game Boards next time - this is meant to be for servers being down or maintenance breaks to the website.

Hope that helps!