Dragon International Updates and News.

Dragon International The airline of choice for China and the world. 



Dragon International is a airline based in Beijing. Beijing is known for it's tight competition and slot availability and we offer a popular fleet for high image whilst making sure we are large enough to keep the profit and expanding as quick as possible. 

 Dragon international started on the 4th of August and had 5 Boeing 737-900HGW with 174 Leisure seats and 15 Recliner LH seats. All of the aircraft are full and we operate 200 weekly flights to and from PEK with this equipment. Dragon International started operations on the 6th of August at 02:40 (UTC+8) with the departure of it's inaugural flight from Guangzhou to Beijing with B0113 or  as it is know (Youchao). Later in the week ​we bid for 4 Dash 8 Q 300 and we got 3 of these. They operate 124 flights a week and all are full. The configuration is 40 standard and 6 comfort plus. Flights using this equipment are generally lower demand and also offer flights to a focus city, Shenyang when there is spare time.  

Dragon is currently 3rd in PEK but we aim to be No.1 in passengers in PEK. We are also a proud member of All World Alliance since day 1. 

Follow and see how we develop hopefully in one of the leading airlines of Ellinikon. 


Dragon International's dash 8 q 300's are all now in operation. Our focus city shenyang has serviced all 3 destinations and we are all still full and No,3. 

Dragon International has got a Boeing 737-500BGW originally meant to serve Tokyo, Urumqi and Harbin we are now serving Nagoya, Shanghai (SHA) and Harbin (as planed) the first flight is to Harbin from Beijing on the 12/08/14 at 07:00. 

In the next post we will tell you the loads of this aircraft and any other plans. 

Slots in PEK are going quickly and we will grow quickly. 

Dragon International is servicing Shenyang with Harbin using 737-900 equipment. The aircraft will fly once a week when it is in shenyang doing nothing. We also have a Yantai to Hohhot service using a Boeing 737-900 once a week as well as additional flights to Hohhot from Beijing using Boeing 737 (500/900).

We expect a 737 next week to Increase services to CAN/SHE and a new service to PUS. We may also increase SHE-Harbin if we have passengers on the route. 

Dragon International has acquired another Boeing 737-500 for services to Guangzhou Shenyang and Busan. We now have over 400 flights to/from PEK.

We will get another aircraft (jet) to fly domestic destinations. 

Dragon International is starting LONG HAUL FLIGHTS!!!!!

We will fly to London LHR 6 times a week using a Airbus A310-300. It has got 197 seats.(Leisure plus 176 and 21 Lie Flat 140) 

This aircraft will be flying on the 14th of August and for the comfort of passengers it is equipped with AVOD IFE with 250 hours of entertainment. 

Our Airbus A310-300 is airborne on time for Heathrow! It departed Beijing Capital at 23:10 local time and was airborne by 23:15. Passengers are now enjoying the premier service that we offer and are entertained with our 250 hour AVOD system called Forbidden Films and TV. Audio and games are offered as well. 

The aircraft is full in passengers (197/197) and cargo is around 35%. Passengers should arrive safely and punctually for connecting services at Heathrow that 65 will be taking. STA 00:57(UTC/LT) ETA 00:56 (UTC/LT)

CEO said; 'We are happy that our Heathrow service is full and making us 100,000AS$ (57%) profit and we look forward to serving more destinations outside of Asia'. 

Dragon has opened 2 new hubs. URC in northwest china flying to domestic and destinations in central asia using Dash 8 Q300's and XIY in central china offering domestic flights also using Dash 8 Q300's. 

Dragon has also started its fleet retirement of classic 737's as slots are full in PEK. If we can't be the biggest we have to be the best. We have started this with a 737-700BGW replacing a 737-500BGW. More retirements are expected. 

Dragon will offer more long haul flights from PEK in the near future. 

Dragon is going to an all jet fleet with the replacement of the dashes with CRJ's. The PEK dashes are CrJ 700's whilst URC and XIY are CRJ 200's.

Dragon has started medium haul from URC. Flights to DXB and DME along with the new hub link service to XIY.