"Dreamliner" - a new exlusive game world

Ya, Is Ireland available. If not, what other European countries would be available.

Hey, yes Ireland is available.

Hi @Monk88, I’m interested in joining dreamliner. Tried to send you a private message, this was however rejected by the system… So I hope you can send a message to me :wink:

Hi I am interested in joining

Dreamliner has 3 slots available and also very good hubs. If you are interested just write a message.

Hi, what areas are available at the moment? I might be tempted to give it a try.

Hi, is there still slots available, and what hubs are free?

Hello, may I know if there is still vacancy for this world? thx.

Hi is there still space available and what hubs are still free ?

Good Morning, on Dreamliner we have some spaces available coming up. If you are interested just let me know and sent a PM.

Free Capacities on Dreamliner. Also Mega Airports got avaiable.
To name some :

If you are interested write a PM