"Dreamliner" - a new exlusive game world

Hi everyone,

If you love Airlinesim as much as I do, let’s do it in an exclusive game world. The idea, an exclusive game world “Dreamliner” with 20-25 players, designed for a long time. To be played without cheating with the following rules:

  • Dynamic turnaround times
  • Each player is allowed to have up to 3 holdings, one can be opened every 3 months
  • IL between own holdings are not activated
  • Per holding a starting capital of 75 million AS $
  • There are no used machines at the beginning, only orderable aircraft will be available
  • Transport networks are activated
  • Double slots
  • No stock exchange
  • Night bans are off
  • There are no investment-open countries
  • There is a minimum seating for each aircraft category
  • The passenger volume at the start should be between 25-30%
  • Real names are allowed

Incidentally, the general airlines apply in the rules.

The monthly fee will initially be 15-20 EUR (the cost for the server is 360 EUR per month) and will always be charged for 1 quarter in advance, this minimizes the effort and always guarantees us the next 3 months continue to play. Excess money will only be used for the game and will be offset against the new entries.

If a player does not pay within the deadline, which ends on the 15th of each month before the new quarter, then his account will be deleted.

There will be an exclusive right for individual countries, but large, high-spending markets such as the US should definitely be filled by more than 2 players.

For communication, we will use a discord server and can entertain us here in German and English.

Are you curious and you feel like the adventure or have any questions? Then go ahead, write me a message!


I am interested in joining this World.

im interested too to join this world

Interested to join if available

also interested if there is any available slots


As far as I know - and please correct me if I am wrong - the world Dreamliner is not active. Zeppelin is active and has slots for new players, I just wanted to say here. :wink:

You are right, fug001. TO was not online since his initial post.
Halifax has also one slot available. :slight_smile:

We are still looking for some more Player. It seems that the new world will go online in August.

Any spaces available?


yes we have spaces available. Actually we are still in the planing Phase and I guess we will start in August with the new Server. Could you sent me a list with your preferences for your stsrting Hubs?
Are you on discord Chat?


We have 4 spaces available and will start the server very soon. If you are interested just let me know.

any spaces still available?

Since today Dreamliner is online. New player welcome. Lots of very good Airports available.

Hi I am interested. Pls let me know how to join.

Any spaces available?

Hello Monk88,

I am very interested to join. What is the process?

Hi everyone, Dreamliner has spaces available even in very strong markets. If you’re interested to join, just sent an private message.

Hey, If its still available I might be interested in joining. How do I join

Hey, yes there is still the opportunity to join. any ideas where do you like to start?

Ya, Is Ireland available. If not, what other European countries would be available.