Duty/Tax Free & In-Flight Retail

Duty/Tax Free & In-Flight Retail

I have recently started using Airline Sim and I have a suggestion regarding the sale of Duty/Tax Free & In-Flight Retail items onboard flights.

In the ‘On-board Service’ function it would be great to have the option to sell Duty/Tax Free & In-Flight Retail items to passengers on each flight. It could work by Airline Sim putting the cost of the item to the airline and then allow the airline to decide how much profit margin to have.

e.g. Airline Sim sells ‘Paco Rabanne - One Million Eau de Toilette Spray - 100ml’ to the airline for 20AS$, then the airline chooses the profit margin i.e. 15% so the airline sells the item at 23AS$, making 3AS$ profit.

The airline is then billed by Airline Sim Bond Warehouse for all retail sales made at the end of the flight.

We had this in mind some time ago. But these Retail services are difficult to define and it’s hard to define on how this work and especially on how to separate your airline from another. As you describe it, it is simply a function of adding money without no risk and no difference between the airlines.

As we have a lot of more points more important to an airline business simulation, we would put this back into the shelf again ;)

To be fair SK, whilst you have a point, 99% of airlines sell retail products onboard.

On the other hand, airlines could pre-purchase stocks in advance and then it is up to them to sell them.