Dynamic turnaround times in time restricted airports

Just wondering how this will work with 6.3, especially when deployed on older servers.

Right now, unless I’m very much mistaken, if my aircraft is set to depart at 23:59, it occupies 23:55/59 slot - there’s no built in before departure turnaround. 

With 6.3, if I understand correctly, the actual departure will take place at +X minutes after the start of route to account for turnaround and it will fall off the 00:00 time (where the night restriction comes into place). What happens then? Flight gets cancelled? Or a delay is introduced till 6 am and then the whole schedule is a mess?

Or lastly, will we have to manually induce a delay so we occupy the right slot, but the actual departure time gets pushed to a later time?

In real life (not saying its good or bad for the game), the airline gets fined for a late departure in that case (Thus if you’re flying to MDW, the crew will bend over backwards to make sure they are before curfew.)

Also your image will probably be affected (not sure if that's implemented yet).

Yeah, but I'm wondering how this will work out in AS, as I do have quite a few flights right before cutoff time. 

Yeah, but I'm wondering how this will work out in AS, as I do have quite a few flights right before cutoff time. 

You should not worry at the moment.

Also on existing gameworlds there will be no dynamic delays, only static delays (meaning only if you program the delay yourself). The flights you currently have departing before curfew will not be affected by delays unless you create a delay in a previous flight (causing late arrival).

In any case, to my knowledge curfews will be ignored for purposes of delayed departures at least for the time being.

So you can sleep without worries tonight.

Also note that the slots used are fixed. This is a slight deviation from reality, but it's necessary to keep things manageable. Taxi-times are a part of the turnaround in AirlineSim, so the slots occupied by your flight will always remain the same, even if conditions change.

Concerning delays that cause a later departure: This is ignored at the moment and other than any image or monetary penalty for the delay itself, nothing will happen, say, on accounts of the airport charging extra fees or something like this.

And last but not least: As rubiohiguey2000 has said, for the time being, all of this will only affect new game worlds.