Dynamische Turnaroundzeiten nicht wirklich dynamisch?

(Edited the post, because I first wrote in German - sorry)

Due to exchanging my aircraft from an A319 light enhanced to an A321 heavy enhanced my arrival and departure slots in PEK (1% available slots, sigh...) are overlapping.

I am short of 6 minutes:



Therefore, I changed in the inventory the settings for the flight pair to "Remote-Stand" and "No Bulk". However, the times remain unchanged. 

There seems to be no dynamic... Or am I missing something?

Have you checked your critical path to see which part of the TA is the longest? Seems like your TA time did not change because boarding/deboarding is shorter than some other turnaround activity which is taking place on the ciritical time path.

Catering unloading and loading takes a whopping 28 minutes in total. And my passengers seem to be very slow, too...



Without food and passengers, I might make it. lol