E195 E2 seats not the same?

It shows 148 max pax but when doing aircraft evaluations it shows 128. That’s a big difference. How many does it actually hold?

The 148 max pax is the number the aircraft is certified for. This does not mean that you really can transport that many pax. The limiting factor can be the seats that need to fit into the aircraft.
In case of the Embraer 128 standard seats fit into the aircraft. If you use the Slimline (the smallest available seat) you can get up to 136 pax.

Other factors that can limit the max pax are the payload limit and the runway length.

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Not all planes on the game can hold the max certified passenger count due to space limitations. The game uses rectangles and in real life you have some planes like the Embraer 145 that row 1 and 2 are a single seats. the back of wide bodies its typical to have a few rows of seats that have less than the standard. and also miss aligned rows due to galleys and bathrooms. More found on older aircrafts like the mid rear galley on the md 80. but then sometimes like 19 seaters have 1-1 with the last row being 3 across and they have that mapped in the game so its just hit and miss. If you have time you can go to cabin editor and plan out the seating configuration before buying. Its helpful to compare aircrafts of similar types with the seats you want to use. The 737 and a320 are similar size and compacity but depending on layout you may end up with more seats in one aircraft vs the other one. and in widebodies there’s 440 max seats in A330 A350 Boeing 787 and 777 (certain variety in each category) but when I laid them out all of them have different numbers of seats using the same seat types.

While what you say isn’t wrong, it’s not really the reason for why some like the E2 can’t take the seats they are certified for.
The reason is simple: the smallest seat in AS equals to a pitch of around 29.1" while the “state of the art” slim seat in real life is at around 28" today.
The E2 cabin was modeled around real dimensions in AS - unlike older models which usually were modeled to fit the certified seats. (<- all wrong approach)

Pax capacities in real life are certified by evacuation limits which are determined by available cabin exits.
A pair of “type A” exits qualifies for 110 pax. Have four of them and you get those 440. You could however fit WAY more seats in such a widebody.

Usually capacities on short/medium hauler cabins are space limited while long haulers are exit limited.

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