Economy or EcoPlus

Hello Guys

just need opinion on which seats to choose for Medium to Long Haul flights, Economy or EcoPlus.


It depends on the strategy of building your airline. If you are a LCC airline, you can even use standard and economy seats for your economy class. You must then charge lower price than the default price set by AS.

If you are a normal or premium airline, go ahead with eco plus which you can charge a higher or premium price to gain your profit.

Eco Plus - AS-pax love eco+ seats, so you get higher fares.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. Even I am inclined towards EcoPlus. It would boost up  the rating for the flight.

Eco +. Then you can fly routes with less demand and charge more per seat with the same amount of pax…

I would go based on route demand. If its not getting full, Put better seats. I always check aircraft type evaluation to see what the minimum price is to make money.


Eco Plus - AS-pax love eco+ seats, so you get higher fares.

Out of interest, how much higher in % can you get out of ECO+ seats?



I typically charge 30% for EcoPlus and 15-20% for Economy. I find that generally, the Economy gives me higher margin due to more seats. But for long haul flights, I definately go with the EcoPlus for higher ratings.


if you only look at the seats (ignoring the final ORS rating) and you use the default price as reference, this is what you should ask to make the same profit for a flight:

standard seats: default price

economy seats: default + 19%

ecoplus seats: default + 47%

With the above prices, less passengers will give you the same profit.

However, I don't know the exact influence of bigger seats on the ORS rating. If, for example, default prices when using standard seats gives your flight a rating of 80, and default + 19% gives you a rating of 85 when using economy seats... you make the same profit and will get (slightly) more passengers in a competitive market.

But in my opinion the game is fairly well balanced. If using standard (or ecoplus) seats would be much more profitable, all players would be using standard (or ecoplus) seats  ;-)