Effects of Aircraft Age?

I am curious how aircraft age affects the flights flown by that aircraft?

Does the ORS rating decrease for older aircraft (for passengers - I presume no issue for cargo)?

I assume the cost of maintenance goes up?

Any ideas on the statistics behind this? Is it linear? (i.e. is the maintenance cost of a 6-year old aircraft double that of a 3 year old aircraft?)

I am looking at the finances of different ages of the same aircraft… I am trying to figure out if older aircraft are a better or worse (or equal) deal.

Thank you as always!

it gives for every flight a new flight rating, you can see this in the details named "flight rating"

and there is an rating for the aircraft age

Know that there is a balance between aircraft age and costs, amongst other things.

For example, an old aircraft will have a lower leasing cost, but the aircraft rating will also be lower. So you will save some money by paying a smaller lease, but equally lose some money by the price you can charge to fill the plane up.