Ellinikon Buy, lease & Sell thread

As we know this server is notorious for a lack of 2nd hand aircraft. 

Whether this works id still like to try this thread. 

In this thread you can ask players for aircraft - let players know when you are putting aircraft up for sale/lease, ask to negotiate prices etc etc. 

I think this would be a great thread for newbie players, and players who might need to let some aircraft go out on lease during low AGEX. 


Date of issue 10MAY2018 (with RED text recent upatates, grey italic strike through completed, after a couple of day will erase them)
(release dates of ATO are immediate. When owner is another airline, there is notification since the owner must put it manually on the market)
Boeing 737-800BGW return to ATO 29MAY 0556Z 11.7y
Boeing 737-800BGW return to ATO 28MAY 0734Z 12.7y
Boeing 737-900HGW return to ATO 22JUN 1554Z 15.9y
Estimated release for lease on the market till end of January
(i will update specific dates here)
1x B737-300BGW 
2x B737-400HGW
1x B737-700HGW
1x B737-700HGW
2x B737-800BGW