Emb 135/40/45

Has anyone ever made these profitable? I love the little birds but they make barely any money and mostly lose money.

I'm flying with them. They are the best planes available for my market, because they are much faster in operations. Of course, if you don't know how to fly with them, it's difficult...

I have around 69 aircrafts in my fleet, mostly the Erj145ER

Currently, I'm replacing all older aircrafts and Erj135/140 by new Erj145

I used to have E135, but I barely made any greens. Once I used E140 for some flights and it made profits with pretty high set ticket fares. But currently, I prefer to avoid using it since it's too small for me, even though I love how *hot* it looks

I have several at different airlines, they are doing well, but I tend to keep the numbers down. I also upgrade to another type when I can.

CRJ 200ER is much better plane but not available as new which leaves ERJ 145 as the only alternative in this capacity. I used them once for my airline in Angola. With prices higher than default they gave a small profit margin. One of my former alliance member was very fond of them, he used them to feed pax from smaller airports in Canada,

It sounds like they are better in markets where you can high prices and feed  a hub

It sounds like they are better in markets where you can high prices and feed  a hub

I have only normal prices

they are still my favorite planes ;)

Flights on planes these small don't need to be in the black for it to have an overall positive affect on your airline. The small aircraft will feed passengers to your larger, more profitable aircraft. This increases demand, which will allow you to increase prices on the larger aircraft. So even if you're losing a bit of money on the small aircraft, they might be helping your airline make more overall. This isn't accounted for in the finance screen, so if you're doing this, it just looks like the small planes are losing you money and that's it. 

As you build more and more connections/routes, you can start increasing the price on the small flights as well. It depends on what strategy you're going for. I'm personally going for low cost short-hauls, high cost long-hauls, but we'll see how that works. 

Generally speaking, the fewer seats you have on an airplane, the less profitable it is, unless you have high prices and play with a hub and spoke system.

It sounds like they are better in markets where you can high prices and feed  a hub

 Just like in real world ;)