[EN] Usage of small seats for higher income on Aspern server

After conclusion of the Team and the members of the UAB it is apparent that we had to act since a few airlines used SlimHD seats for Economy Business and First Class Seating. Since this was used extensivly and even after SK rememberd that this is not allowed by the game rules and Bug using most companies ignored all our efforts to play in a fair manner. So we had no choice and concluded the following.

The Holdings of the below mentioned Companies will be resettet with immediate effect

- Gingko Airlines

  • Dynasty Sky Airways

  • Gateway Airways

  • Air Phoenix International

  • Dream Wings Air

  • Chunghwa Airline

  • 3-Delhi Air

  • Global Star Air

  • Platinum Air

  • Yunnan Falcon

  • Turkey Lines

  • Japan East Airlines

  • Princess Airways

  • India International

  • Nippon International

  • Pan Colombia

  • Vibrance Airways

- Tenerife Fly Service

The following airlines will receive a penalty after their next week-closure about the difference between security deposit and 40 Mio. AS$

- Jay airline

- Sirion Airways


We would like to ask everybody to use adequate Aircraft Types and Seating configurations until we have a final solution on how we can best close these loopholes that we have right now. For now we can say that it was a combination of a new Server Start with high demand that make this Bug so effectiv.We will try to close it as soon as we can and until then we hope you will enjoy the game.

On our 2nd check on January 4th, the following airlines were found still having standard and/or slimline HD seats in Business and First and will be resettet therefor:

Berserker Airlines

Columbia Airlines

Desert Camel Air

Fly India

King Airlines

Sky Atlantic

South African Flyer

There are further airlines under investigation.

And the next airlines:


Integration Air

Jay Airlines (after a 82 million AS$ fee still using standard seating in first class)

Penalty Fee:

Air American - 15,136,441 AS$

Air Mandarina - 24,725,000 AS$

Air Thailand - 16,998,943 AS$

Algae Airlines - 33,211,990 AS$

Canada Syrup - 71,170,779 AS$

Eimaan Airlines - (11,511,700 AS$) case reopened at the user advisory board

The penalty fee will be deducted after the next week-closure.

Another reset:

Arab Air

Another reset:

Air Jeddah

Some discussions about the penalty fee had been done in the user advisory board. But there was no common decission.

The following penalty fees were changed and instandly booked:

Algae Airlines - 33,211,990 AS$ - increased to last period profit: 65,704,693 AS$

Eimaan Airlines - 11,511,700 AS$ - increased to last period profit: 70,726,334 AS$

One can say that this is not enough. We kindly ask you to keep in mind, that this airlines only operated over a short period of time these small seats and the advantage in this time is not reasonable calculatable. The changed fees are the profit for one week. This is pretty much, if you compare this if you would instantly have reduced the money in your account by a one week profit. One can also say this is to much. But keep in mind that the extensive profit is based on the earnings in the first few weeks.