[EOI] - Earhart Exclusive Game World

Hi All,

I’m putting out an Expression of Interest for a new Exclusive Game World that I plan on starting. I would need 10-15 people to get it up and running, with 3 months paid upfront by everyone who joins initially (as is required for any new Exclusive Game World).

The rules would be as follows:

  • ORS: Latest Version
  • Dynamic Turnaround Times: Enabled
  • New Flight Connection Rule: Disabled
  • Countries Open for Investment: List C (open to change)
  • Initial Holding Capital Amount: $12,500,000 (open to change)
  • Exclusive Holding Hubs: 1
  • Demand Level: 30% (open to change & will increase over time)
  • Ground Networks: Enabled
  • Slots: Double
  • Night Time Bans: Enabled
  • IPOs: Disabled (open to change)
  • Updated EU Treaty: Enabled (open to change)
  • Aircraft Availability: All Available as New
  • Aircraft Market: Used Aircraft Available at start

I’ve always been put off by the excessive amount of rules that some Game Worlds incorporate and how they always just end up as an Airbus fest - Earhart aims to alleviate that by making every single aircraft available as new while also filling out the used market with some older, cheaper aircraft too.

This opens up opportunities for all airlines to run aircraft that are either banned or so old that your rating suffers in other game worlds.

The idea of Earhart is to be a reasonably slow-growing long term game world where players must use careful choices and airline placements to maximise profits early on, for that reason, the starting capital is lower compared to other game worlds. There’s no sense of achievment if you get 100 million upfront and have a 100 aircraft fleet on day one. I want players to work their way up slowly growing and optimising their routes as they go and as Earhart grows. For this same reason, the starting Holding count per player upon first joining is one - this will increase after a period of time.

For any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask.

If you are interested, please join this Discord link below!


We’re currently up to 8 members in the Discord, just waiting for a few more people to join and we can get this new game world up and running!

Come and join Earhart, a new and unique type of server that tries to do it differently from all of the other game worlds!

I’m also very open to changing some of the rules to ensure everyone has fun so come and join the Discord and let me know what you think.

Discord invite is in the main post.