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euro Jet to open Liverpool Base

This week, london-luton based low fare airline euro Jet has announced it's intention to open up its second UK base at Liverpool's John Lennon airport. The fast growing airline will base one brand new 126 set B737-200 at the airport where it will offer 35 flights each way to Amsterdam, Edinburgh & London/Luton each week. We aim to serve 18,000 passengers in the first month with an aim to add another B737 to the airport imminently.

The final two aircraft of the initial 5 aircraft order will soon be delivered to euro Jet. Both these will be based our London/Luton base where we will start more routes and boost frequencies at the airport. We aim to carry an extra 35,000 extra passengers with these two new aircraft making us the largest carrier based there. New routes will include destinations in Spain, France and the UK.

euro Jet - Fly europe, the euro Jet way

euro Jet strengthens routes from London/Luton & adds FOUR NEW destinations to the network

With the arrival of the 4th & 5th B737-200 in the fleet, growing London/Luton based airline euro Jet has significantly increased it's offering from its home base. 

The airline has added it's first flights to France and Spain with a daily service to Barcelona and a double daily service to Paris/Orly. These are excellent destinations for short city breaks, increasing flexibility and choice on the network.

Domestically we have added two new routes to Belfast and Newcastle. Belfast is being served double daily from Luton and also daily from Liverpool. Connections between Northern Ireland and the UK are obviously huge so this route will be significantly increased in the future with the potential for a base there.

In addition we have added a Second daily service on our route from London/Luton to Amsterdam. The route has been very popular and the demand was there to increase services with an early morning departure from LTN.


Glasgow becomes Third euro Jet base

This week, growing London/Luton based airline euro Jet has announced that it's THIRD UK base will be at Glasgow's International airport. The airline will be basing one of it's newly acquired IL18Ds at the airport. The 120 seat aircraft is one of two that has been transferred from Parent carrier Aero Britain.

This aircraft has enabled us to start 2 new UK routes and also a European service to Amsterdam. London/Gatwick joins the euro Jet network with a daily flight with Amsterdam also receiving a daily flight. Belfast is being operated with a twice daily service. We expect to handle around 27,000 passengers a month on these new services.

Liverpool gains second aircraft

We have decided to use the other IL18D acquired from Aero Britain to add a second aircraft to our base at Liverpool's John Lennon airport. We have started FOUR new routes from Liverpool. London/Gatwick gets another daily service (in addition to Glasgow), Isle of Man also joins the network with a 13xWeekly connection. Also, we have added a second Spanish destination to our network with a 3xWeekly connection to the resort of Malaga, in addition to a 4xWeekly connection to Barcelona.

Malaga is a very popular tourist destination from the UK which we felt needed a direct service from Liverpool as well as from our other destinations. Barcelona is a great city break destination and Isle of Man has huge cultural and business ties with the North west

Route Maps




Today, London/Luton based euro Jet has gone public with an intial public offering. The funds from this will be used to embark on our next phase of expansion from our current bases as well as potentially 2 more bases.



This week, thank to the airlines hugely successful Initial Public offering, London/Luton based euro Jet has agreed a deal with aircraft manufacturer Boeing for 4 BRAND NEW B737-200 aircraft. The 126 seat aircraft will be used across our existing bases, with 2 going to Luton, 1 to Glasgow and the final aircraft being used to open an unnamed FOURTH UK base. Rumours are Edinburgh, Belfast and London/Gatwick are in the running.


With the addition of a SECOND aircraft based at the airport, euro Jet has started a new daily flight to the french capital Paris' Orly International airport. The daily service joins our current 2 Daily offering from Luton. The CEO said "Adding a new daily flight to Paris gives our Scottish customer more flexibility and choice when flying with us"

In addition to this we have also doubled frequency from Glasgow to London/Gatwick and Amsterdam with both receiving a second daily flight. Both destinations are hugely popular routes, warranting an increase in services. The new flight to Amsterdam makes it our SEVENTH  daily flight to the Dutch capital from all of our Three bases. This makes it our largest "non-base" destination with over 12,000 return seats a week to there.

With the delivery of three more B737s due we will continue to increase our services with brand new European routes the priority from Luton.


Luton gains more Euro routes

This week, with the delivery of two more B737-200 aircraft. Growing London/Luton based airline euro Jet has started its first services to Geneva & Zurich in Switzerland and Lyon in France. All 3 are key European business destinations and Lyon and Geneva are also major gateways to the ski resorts of the alps.

In addition to this we are also linking London/Luton to the Isle of Man and Malaga. Both are currently destinations served from Liverpool, but are now joined by Luton. In addition we have boosted services from Luton to Barcelona & Belfast. Both routes have been hugely popular with customers as they are both perfect city break destinations offering a vibrant culture and atmosphere.

  • Barcelona will now be served with a second daily service departing in the early evening arriving back into Luton late night. Fares start from $120 one way.
  • Belfast now gains a Third daily service, departing in the early evening. This will be a very good flight for business travellers after doing a days work. Flight starts on 27th Feb 2015 .
  • Isle of Man is a new daily service from Luton operating in the early morning. Flights start on 27th Feb 2015 with fares from as little as $80 one way.
  • The new service to Geneva will actually be a night stopper in the Swiss city, allowing for a full days work in what is a major diplomatic and financial centre and an early morning arrival into London.
  • Zurich is again a major financial centre in Europe with major business ties. The 5 Weekly service (no flight Wednesday and Friday) departs mid morning and arrives back into Luton in the evening.
  • The new Four times weekly to Lyon departs Luton on Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays from 26th Feb 2015.
  • Five times weekly services will be operated to Malaga and the Costa del Sol. Flights start 26th Feb 2015 from as little as $100 one way


Also this week we have started our first route to the southwest of England with a new service to Bristol's International airport. The daily service from Glasgow is being operated by one of our 126 seat B737-200 aircraft, offering around 7000 seats a month on the route. Bristol is a popular gateway for business links to the M4 corridor and for holiday makers wanting to experience to beauty of Cornwall and Devon. Bristol becomes our Sixth route from the Glasgow where we offer around 70,000 seats a month on our routes.

euro Jet announced FOURTH BASE

Today, one of the UK's fastest growing airlines euro Jet has announced it's intention to open it's fourth Uk base at the Northern Ireland capital's Belfast International Airport. The airline will be basing a single 126 seat B737-200 at the airport where it will add four new routes in addition to its current offerings from Glasgow, Liverpool & London/Luton. On this the CEO said "Ever since we begun operations we have been operating to Belfast, with our new additions we will providing increasing number of opportunities for travel for the people of Northern Ireland. We can also offer worldwide destinations through interline agreements with global airlines like Aero Britain and Aero Qatar"

The based aircraft has enabled the airline to open brand new daily services to 3 domestic routes including our first ever services to Manchester & London/Stansted as well a connection to London/Gatwick. Having 3 separate London airports from the airport provides customers with much more flexibility depending on where they are travelling. Belfast will be our third largest base, offering around 63,000 seats per month on seven routes.

euro Jets largest stations by one-way seats per week:



Italy welcomes euro Jet

This week, London/Luton based euro Jet has announced the commencement of services to Italy. Daily flights are due to begin this week from London/Luton to Milan/Linate and Rome/Fiumicino - The 16th & 17th destinations from Luton!!! This is being brought about with the addition of an EIGHTH BASED B737-200 aircaft. Inadditon to these two new services we have also a added a THIRD daily service to Scotland's "Granite City" Aberdeen. This extra service has come about due to the huge demand from business travellers for seats on the routes.

On the new routes the CEO said "Two of the biggest fashion and cultural capitals in the world have now joined our network and we are very excited about this. Not only this but they are connected even easier to London than ever before. We will continue to look to expand throughout europe from our existing bases as well future bases also"


euro Jet launches London/Gatwick Base!!!!

This week, growing low fares airline euro Jet has announced it's intention to launch its FIFTH UK BASE at London's Gatwick international airport. The airport is the world's busiest single runway airport and will open euro Jet to even more people in the south (Gatwick is the other side of London).

A single B737-200adv will be based at the airport, where will be starting 2 Daily services each to Edinburgh and Amsterdam. These two destinations join 4 daily flights we are operate from our Liverpool, Belfast & Glasgow bases. We aim to become one of the largest airlines Gatwick in the coming weeks as more planes come online.

The two daily flights we now operate to Amsterdam are our 9th & 10th daily flights we operate to the Dutch capital. It is our 2nds largest station by number of flights and seats per week, and discussions are in place to base aircraft there to operate even more services.