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Hey Guys! I’m a bloody Rookie in AS and rn I am looking for routes and good Aircrafts but I have 2 questions:

  1. Evaluation: In the last table column there are percents I heard that they’re showing the capacity utlization and then theres a Number. Is the number the revenue or the profit? I mean I’d earn less than the total costs of the flight.

  2. Demand: If I take a flight between 2 Airports with a demand of 9 for both airports, are my flights going to be booked?
    Thx in advance

Welcome to AS!

For your first question - that evaluation is imperfect, because unless you’re operating the idyllic single-cabin, price, staff cost, fuel cost, etc that they present, that number is not to be taken with any seriousness. You can use it to do some comparative advantage work (comparing aircraft) or to see whether a route just pushes a plane too much, but not for that level of analysis to have any degree of certainty.

For your second question, demand is relative, so not all two airport pairs are the same. However, I’d reckon a 9-to-9 should fill any sort of pair. Don’t be afraid to go lower, especially if you don’t want to be obliterated by any sort of competition. 7, 6, 5 bars will be good options too. 4, 3 if done right. The bars of demand should not be your only or paramount source for route evaluation. Think about real life patterns and connections.

I can lead the way to the community tutorials - there’s the official one

Handbook | AirlineSim Handbook

This one is here on the forums and is quite good, if old

AS for beginners - an attempted blog - English Boards / Community Support - AirlineSim Community

and there’s this one which is quite good as well, though heavily leans on this external tool called AS Routemap (which is quite useful, to be fair, but not absolutely necessary to start)

AS Route Map | An introduction into AirlineSim

What I suggest to all new players is:

  • Do not start in a crowded or busy continent or country. US, EU, China… - Why? There are usually huge players, and there’s a decent chance that you’ll struggle to grow at any decent pace. Instead, look to a medium sized country, perhaps one you like or one you could not care less for, to get the concepts of the game. The curve is steep and the text tutorials cannot teach you everything - some things you have to get through practice.

  • Avoid the old ORS, for many reasons which will likely not make much sense, but essentially because it is harder to compete against legacy airlines

  • And don’t be afraid to restart, mess up - that’s the point of the beginning, make mistakes. And have fun :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much but could you explain ORS to me? I dont get that tbh.
Right now I use 4 195 E2 and Im on CGK on Bleriot V. I want to do 3 Waves: 0:00, 8:00 and 16:00. I looked it up on ASRoute and I could fly to SIN, SGN, HAN, Bali and a few other Airports in Indonesia, idk if it’s a good idea to do this. And yes I’ll keep my maintenance and transfer window on mind.

ORS is the bloodline of the game. It is the booking system that distributes passengers and makes those decisions. There is an older algorithm that was “cracked” for lack of a better term, so the new one is in place. There’s some differences in the way each input is valued for the ORS to competitively decide the distribution of passengers for any pair in the face of competing itineraries. You can see where yours stand in the ORS screen after the flights are activated, which is under Database. Bleriot is new ORS.

Under a very quick look, you’ll have some competition on some of those routes such as Singapore and definitely Bali. Those routes are really strong though and should be good to withstand two or three airlines. None of your competitors have wave system, which is generally a good practice. I’d definitely not ignore those domestic airports that are underserved, as Indonesia is a very domestic-heavy country… for example, Balikpapan should be a solid route that as of the time of redaction appears to be unserved from Jakarta. Padang also. No one’s flying to Vietnam which means you’ve identified a good opportunity.

Sounds like you’ve got a good plan in place. As long as you follow the basic outlines in those guides on setting up things like service and cabins, and you schedule and price somewhat competitively (starting at default / 100% is good in new ORS, then you can adjust), you’ll be off to a flying start! (pardon the pun LOL)

Thank you very much man. I’ve got a flight schedule now and I hope that it’ll work.

What would you say is better, Point to Point or Hub and Spoke? What is More efficient

For the game in its current state, Hub and Spoke is the only real viable option sadly ^^

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