Evaluation for specific route

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could someone please explain to me the "evaluation for route" info…

I dont understand the 6 percentages that appear at the right of the comparison table. What do they mean? For, eg what do they represent in teh route evaluation of Athens to Larnaca (see attachment)?

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It reprisents the profit you will make on that route with the particulair aircraft… it shows how much you will make when the aircraft is 70% full or 100% full.


…and is dependant on the frequencies given and on the price factor you choose under settings

"flights per week"…

are often completely wrong - especially with widebodies on short to medium haul routes. The system often enough tells me 14 flights a week while I actually can do 28 (14 pairs) when maintennance is correctly set up. Consequently, the evaluation gives you 200% of the actual capital costs. In case of a 400 seat widebody, that’s 25-30.000$ on top of what it actually would cost! (capital costs are “standard lease rate / flights per week”)

Add to this the new aircraft market with its variable pricing and the rates and percentages given in the evaluation are rather meaningless.

Also don’t forget, evaluation doesn’t include costs for inflight service, handling, additional cabin crew, management, facilities etc. pp

Also, when doing the evaluation, make sure you’re doing it both ways. Don’t forget that the return leg might have a different turn-around time - which also has an impact on the shown flights per week (still that doesn’t mean they are correct for your maintennance settings)

I wish the tool would always evaluate pairs instead of oneway flights…

If you really want to know how much profit a certain type yields, there’s still only the trial and error method.