Events and Airshows

I posted this in the wrong section

A suggestion for immersion that might be able to be implemented into older gameworld as well?

Air shows like Paris Air Show, Farnborough etc = a 5% discount on all new aircraft purchases for the week of those air shows in real life, so we see airlines placing orders for Airbus, Boeing etc just like we are currently for Paris Air Show.

Maybe new airlines also get an extra aircraft for free from the instant delivery service you get everytime you start? so you get 4 737-8MAXs for the price of 3 - it will encourage new players to start during those Air show weeks.

Could drum up some excitement around those times of year


Hi, thanks for your suggestion! The ideas with the Air Shows sound fun indeed! I’m not sure how free aircraft as part of the instand delivery service would work implementation-wise, but I’ll forward your ideas :slight_smile:

Just give new airlines in this timeframe a bit more discount than 5%? Martin probably has no time for more anyway. :thinking: