Everywhere Slots?


why do some Airports have so much Slots available now and other didn´t change their Slots offer?

(Example: AMS)

The short answer is that you’ll now be able to move more aircraft through airports that have the runway infrastructure to support doing that in real life.

The long answer (which I’ve written out once and had the forum eat - urf)…

Before Croydon (which was the first server to go live with the changes) was launched, airports were capped at 9 movement slots per 5 minute period - so, 108 movements per hour. That’s about what you’d get from a heavily-used airport with two parallel runways, but a lot of airports - particularly though not exclusively the larger ones - have more than that. So, being a nerd (and, critically, a nerd with access to a university library) I went and did some digging as to how much traffic our airports could theoretically handle. If you have acccess to them, ‘Airport Planning & Management’ (Wells 2004) and ‘Planning and Design of Airports’ (Horonjeff 1994) were two I seem to remember being particularly useful., though it was a year or so ago now so I may be misremembering.

The short of it is that I looked at things like the layout and separation of runways, runway-taxiway interfaces and weather to produce an estimate of how much traffic a given airport could handle. The estimates were all based on the same mix of aircraft and did not take into account f.e political restrictions on flight movements (Tokyo Narita would in theory be a ‘3’ rather than a ‘9’ iirc due to official limits on the number of flights allowed to operate) or (with certain exceptions - London City, f.e, which is completely surrounded by Stuff) passenger infrastructure capacity - players can always build themselves new terminals, after all, so on balance it’s a little strange to restrict aircraft movements based on that even though in the short term it’d be more realistic. Also, I only went over the top 900 or so airports for passenger or freight traffic - my feeling was that beyond that it’d not really matter very much…and, well, I don’t think anyone’s complained yet.

Broadly speaking one independent runway will give you 3-5 aircraft movements per 5 minute period; there are exceptions to that (particularly where capacities were reduced in the review - f.e London Gatwick and Nagoya Chubu should really be '5’s, being (effectively/physically) single-runway airports, but are now ‘8’ and ‘7’ due to the data being normalised across all the servers and the fact that it’s not possible to reduce airport capacities where more than the target is being used) but it’s a good rule of thumb.

Ok, i thought about the mistake on Devau.

Cool! Slots fpr every body :D

Hi, but the slot in CAN is so limited and seems hold up by the mega airline, for new starter, this is difficult to play, would any admin can help this, many thanks