Exclude Cargo planes checkmark in Aircraft market

With all the new Types of Cargo planes its a pain to look for aircraft in the Aircraft market. It would be nice to have 2 checkmarks, one pax planes, one cargo planes. So if you wish to see all you check both. It will make live a lot easier for all cargo operators and pax operators.



Very good idea indeed

Alternatively, put cargo aircraft (e.g. A321 P2F) in a separate aircraft family.

I wholeheartedly agree with this suggestion. Really, I think there’s a lot that could be done in order to make the aircraft market a little more user friendly. Currently, my process of aircraft shopping involves manually jumping around to a few different aircraft families- and within those families, I often have to cycle through the individual types if there’s a flood of cargo aircraft (like with the 767 and 777 families).

I would also suggest a checkmark that allows you to only include aircraft that fit into one of your existing maintenance categories. Or- better yet- allow the player to define preset filters (or at least a single default filter).

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Might be a little off the topic, but it will be great if there is a better grouping, e.g., subgroups for all A320 types (no 321 included) under the current family (320+321).

Alternatively, i think maybe it is better to create a selectable list of mixed aircraft types you want to see for the used market so that you can select many types of planes you want to see on the market, disregarding the family they are in. Also, add a drop-down menu to have ‘cargo only’, ‘passenger only’, and ‘all’ like the current ‘Include official/private offers’ filter. (similar to what has been suggested)


Checkmark approach would be really useful, esp. thinking all the different types of 320 and 737… when in some shorter routes all of them will do fine, i just want the cheapest prices…

likely something that would be appreciated on the astd but doubt they’ll get around to recoding on the existing system due to time constraints

I second that ! Sometimes I’ve made thr mistake of forgetting to check if the cheapest plane of a type is not an F. Most airlines would order on or the other, rarely both