Exclusive Game Worlds - "Historia-2"

The “Histroria” server, after 13 months of successful operation, announces the imminent restart of the “Historia-2” server

At the moment there are 17 of us, those players who are playing on the server at the moment. Perhaps 2-3 players will not start the game in “Historia-2” and 1 new player has already joined today.
I will assume that we have 15-16 ready players and we are looking for about 9-10 new players.
The server has a friendly and respectful environment without conflicts. There are many experienced players from whom you can learn. Or, on the contrary, compete with them.

A little about the server “Historia”
This is a historical server, where the game starts in the past and time goes faster than on other servers. Thus, we go through several eras when we start the game with planes built in the 70s and 80s, and after a while we already see planes built in the 90s and 2000s

We are currently discussing the rules and the changes we want to make.

What server rules will be:

  1. Realistic or fictitious airline names
  2. Possibility of cooperation between your airlines and holdings
  3. Several holdings (probably 5) in any country in the world and additional holdings for small countries, cargo airlines
  4. Rules of transnational airlines and LCC airlines. Example, SAS Group, LATAM, Air Asia Group, Raynair, etc.
  5. Unlimited number of subsidiary airlines
  6. Flights are allowed under the 5th freedom of the air
  7. Either single or double slots (under discussion)
  8. Night flight bans (discussed)
  9. Payment in the range of 15-20 euros per month (no AS loans, fixed payment)
  10. Game start date: 1970, 1980 or 1990 (voting in progress)
  11. Faster construction of new aircraft
  12. Other functions and rules

If you are interested and would like to join us in the game and discussion and be at the start of the game when choosing airlines, then we invite you to join our server in discord using the link - Historia Server

Welcome to the reincarnation of Historia. This time we’ll focus on the 1980s. Starting in 1983, we are going to go through the next few decades at a slower pace than before, giving people more opportunities to relive the past.

Basic world customization planned for now:

  Start year: 1983.
  The monthly cost will be 20 euros per month, payment is made on the 1st of each month. A 10% discount is provided when paying for 3 months.
  Older model airplanes have been available on the used car market since the beginning.
  Alliances can set their own rules.
  IPO active
  The speed of aircraft assembly has increased in the same way as now.
  5th freedom rights activated. We trust people to be realistic about this. They should only be used to reach destinations that your plane cannot reach and the route must start/end or pass through your home country.
  Holdings. We'll start with three holdings each. Over time, several more holdings will be allowed. Any additional assets beyond this will cost €3 per month.
  Since the IPO will be active, please ensure that all airlines are registered as holdings, otherwise you will not be able to participate in the IPO.
  Night bans - will be turned on - if and when the world becomes more complete, they can be turned off.
  Double slots will be disabled, but can be added again if the world becomes too crowded as the game progresses.

Installation Timeline

On startup:

  3 free holdings
  up to 3 additional holdings at 3 euros each.

After the second year of the game in 1985 (about 40 real days after the server started):

  1 additional free holding

After the third year of the game in 1986 (about 60 real days from the start of the server)

  1 additional free holding

After 4 years and further in 1987 (about 80 real days after the server started)

  At least 3 additional possessions based on "challenges" should be added at various times during the game to add intrigue and competition.

At the moment we have 21-22 people. And we have 3, maybe 4 spaces available.

If you would like to join, follow the link to our discord and apply to join or ask questions about playing on the server.
Discord link - Historia Server

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There are 2 free slots on the server, join us

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At present the game world is full, but we are happy to ‘standby’ players if you wish to be added should a space become available.

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It’s the end of 1985 on the “Historia” server.
We’ve only been playing for 2 months

We have free space on the server.

You can view the server at the link: https://historia.airlinesim.aero/

If you want to join the server, then follow the link and leave a request - Historia Server