Exclusive World - Opinions

This is not an official announcement of a new Exclusive Game World. Ok, Let’s say I start an Exclusive Game World (EGW) and the rules are as follows:

  • Max 3 Holdings per player at start
  • Max 1 Holding in USA, China and Europe
  • Max 4 Subsidiaries
  • 90M Starting Capital Per Holding
  • 90M Immediate Delivery Program
  • No Nighttime Bans
  • Interlining between own holdings and airlines is allowed
  • Ground network activated
  • Double slots
  • IPO active
  • Investment open countries list C
  • Each airline can be real or fake, all airlines must be registered (In discord server)
  • All aircraft types available
  • Used market at start of server
  • Traffic rights only from and to your holding country (exception: cargo)
  • Demand: 40% at server start, increasing
  • 30 Players Max.
  • Cancellation 4 weeks before renewal
  • Costs will go down from start if server seats are filled. 10 Players = 25 Euros, 20 Players = 20 Euros, 30 Players = 15 Euros

Please remember this is only an example. Leave your opinions down below and changes you would make or add to it