Expatriates is the largest airline in Middle East and UAE.

The airline offers quality and service on all routes and before and after the flight.

Each aircraft has a perfect entertainment-system.

The safety of our aircraft is ensured by one of the best maintenance provider.



Airbus A320-200



Airbus A330-200



Expatriates bought 10x B737-800 with efficient Winglets.


Expatriates start flights to "San Francisco" with a new B747-400.

Expatriates start Codeshare-Flights with Pacific USA (Dubai-SanFrancisco), Italian Airlines(Dubai-Milan/Rome) and Hornet Airways(Dubai - Toronto).

Expatriates starts the cooperation with Pacific USA due an alliance membership soon.

Though, made in China, right?

Expatriates NewsTicker…

  • 2x Dash8-400B joined the Fleet to expand on our Regional Market.

  • 1x Boeing B737-400 joined the fleet to try this aircraft-type. (Abu-Dhabi - Colombo) TestRoute

  • 4x B777-200 joined the fleet to replace B747-400.

  • New Routes (Dubai):

    • Milan Linate (B737-900) Codeshare with Italian Airlines

    • Sao Paulo (A330-200) Codeshare with Next Brasil

    • Copenhagen (B737-900)

  • New Routes (Abu-Dhabi):

    • Islamabad (Dash8-400) Codeshare with Neslifly

    • Karachi (Dash8-400) Codeshare with Neslifly

  • Arabian Alliance is now our official Regional Career at Abu-Dhabi Airport.

All flights of Arabian Alliance are now bookable on our Expatriates Homepage.

  • All brandnew 83x B737-900 are now full integrated in our Fleet.

In two weeks the Expatriates will celebrate the 2nd Year. Expatrates is one of the largest airline on this Server and the Number one at the "near east - Continent" .

Expatriates at 2009:

  • Expatriates starts with 3x Boeing B737-800HGW (winglets)

  • Expatriates founded the "World Alliance" with 4 Airlines.

Expatriates at 2010:

  • Expatriates wins the war vs. MSL-Groupe

  • Start to buy the whole fleet and change to the A320’s-series

  • Expatriates Baby founded in Doha

  • Neslifly founded in Pakistan

  • ITK and ITC founded in Kuwait

  • Expatriates expand on the long-distance-market with 50x B747-400

Expatriates at 2011:

  • Expatriates SkyCargo founded in Dubai

  • Neslifly joined the World Alliance

  • Expatriates founded the Expatriates Regional Alliance for Regional Partner’s.

  • Sky Cargo Alliance was founded by Cargo8 and Amirah Airways

  • Expatriates invest 3 billion in a brandnew fleet of 73x B737-900ER.

  • Opened a new HUB in Abu-Dhabi with 17x Dash8-400 , 4x A330-300 and 15x A319/A320/B737

Expatriates (only) now:

  • 363 Aircrafts (36 based in Abu-Dhabi) Complete owned

  • 137 Destinations

  • 10.000 flight’s / week

  • 1.100.000 pax / week

  • 17 Terminals / Lounges (Expatriates Groupe included)

  • 2 Hub’s

  • Only Eco-Plus-Seats in our aircrafts with the best service (5 Star Rating).

In future:

Expatriates will invest in a new fleet with new Airbus A350, A380 and A320neo.

Expatriates will still expand on all Routes and will open new Routes. 43 Destinations are still on our wish-list.

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Lucky you - it’s no long time till christmas. :D

All 50x B747 will be replaced by A330-200/300, B777-200 , B777-300/300ER and A380 due the high fuel coasts and the very old age.

The big order will be place at the 2 Year’s Celebrate in Hamburg (Germany) and Seatle (USA).

Expatriates starts to replace the old B747-400’s.

Right now:

20x A380-800

3x A330-200

13x A330-300

2x B777-200

2x B777-200ER

1x B777-300

joined the fleet.

9 more aircrafts will join today our fleet.

All B747’s are replaced by A330-200 / 300 & B777-200 / 200ER / 300.

(For interests: All 50x B747-400 will come in the next few day’s on the market with a price arround 30mio As$)

Expatriates celebrates today the 2nd Year. 2 Year’s with high qualitiy, service & the best comfort for our Passenger with a 5 Star Rating.

http://www.youtube.c…h?v=V64IMaou8lU nice campains

When you have no own idea… !

Expatriates extend the "World-Class-Lounge (by Expatriates)" at the London-Heathrow Airport.

[color="#006400"]7,70As$[/color] for World Alliance member

[color="#ffa500"]12,10 As$[/color] for Expatriates Partner’s

[color="#ff0000"]13,20As$[/color] for others

Expatriates build an new Terminal for "Daleth Airlines" in [TLV].

Expatriates extend the "Siam Sky Terminal" in [BKK] for our premium Partner "Siam Sky & Bangkok Express".

All flights are now serviced by us.

Expatriates bought 4x B777-200 and 3x A330-300.

Expatriates-Groupe extend the Terminal at London (LHR) by 35.000.

New World Class Lounge [size="1"]by Expatriates[/size] (tomorrow) at Chicago O Hare (ORD) Airport.

Expatriates and World Alliance member’s get -10% to -20%.

New Lounge at Chicago Airport (ORD) is now open.