Explanation of Minimum Price

Hi everyone,

I have a question about the ‘Costing’ tab in the ‘Flight Information’ screen.

At the bottom of the screen there is a field called ‘Minimum price’ and it gives a minimu price about Economy, Business, First and Cargo.

What does this mean and what does it reflect this min price?



It means that offering the tickets below that price won’t pay the direct costs for the ticket and in respect of the rules of the game it is not allowed to do so as this would be price-dumping.

Ok… thanks a lot… is there a tool where you can have a cost/price analysis of a new flight, before you activate the schedule?

If I have a route where the income I receive from passenger operations fully funds the cost of operating the aircraft from point A - B, can I not lower my cargo price below the published minimum price to fill my empty cargo holds?  As long as the price for cargo is above the associated handling fees for cargo I am covering my costs of delivering cargo from point A - B.