Export function - simple addition, significant improvement

I think, a very small addition to airlinesim would significantly improve functionality.

I understand, that it is not possible, to store the daily data for statistic purposes for a long time on the server. Too much gig's...

BUT: If you offer, for example for the data you present in  "market analysis" or "bank account", a simple export-function - i.e. a button a player can download the visual data as a csv-file, everyone can store this in Excel (Windows-world) or Numbers (Apple-World) and play around with the data (and store it longterm on the pc or mac).

That would help a lot in learning about ones routes and find better solutions concerning improving performance.

What do you think?

Yeah. But re-do the format in which the date and time are displayed.  When you use excel  the dots that are added are useless.  I've tried, and I have to create another worksheet just do that I can search for the dots and remove them.  It's not all that easy.  

Yes this would be a big boon! Would help even if you allow maybe a Zapier API to fetch that much data for automatically and directly exporting and presenting on maybe a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

In the real world also, people do analysis of their perofrmance and learning from your own business' analysis is key to maintaining and running/growing a good business

Export of data was suggested multiple times over, and never implemented. It would have been a great addition to be able to further expand AS Route Maps, for example. Therefore, don’t hold your breath.