EzyFly Begins Operations


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Introducing EzyFly! A new start up on Ellinikon, based in Atlanta USA, EzyFly has begun operations with 3 brand new leased A320's.

This is not my first time playing AS; however, it is the first time that I have played in a while. Any help or advice is appreciated :)

Atlanta is a tough, competitive hub but you can carve a piece of it out. Ellinikon has the newest pricing model which makes short haul flights very marginal in terms of profitability, especially with brand new planes. Try to do add some routes to the west coast to make some money. Also you are going to need connections, connections, connections. More than 1x daily to the big destinations.

Thanks for the advice, I may end up restarting as only a few of my routes actually make money. Chose the spread at the start with the aim of providing as many destinations as possible with the airframes I had, but obviously it isn't working too well as I haven't perfected the schedule for connections. Its a shame that its difficult to make money quickly on short haul routes as it just makes it difficult to grow. Any suggestions as to a better hub or aircraft to start with?