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Welcome aboard Faroe Airways:

We are the national carrier in the Faroe Islands
Our job is primært two serve the immediate area in the lovely almighty Atlantic, enjoy the scenic islands, eat whale meat, and mingle you with your family in the pure Faroe air.
This we can offer onboard:
We offer to our economy class a lavish service, som among other things får a warm snack on all our flights since our flight is limited two only 30 people in the form of Dornier aircraft, so we unfortunately ONLY economy class, except for Copenhagen and London Heathrow, disse routes served by an Avro 128 aircraft, der har 8 full bed seats in Business class.
On Business clas we can sacrifice themself freight service two and from the airport, som includes articles in Torshavn kill shuttle 9 times daily, disse kan buses Business class passasegere free use.
If economically passengers wanna pay the same bus, it costs a fee of 13 pounds (130 Danish crown):
Besides bus service can we bussiness class også offer free champagne, Custom-beer, and the best French wine can be Obtained, we også victim også a deluxe hot dish, and speedy boarding at the airport.
We hope att vi will travel with us när two be up and enjoy the Faroe Islands.
Faroe Airways - Fly to the dreams


Faroe Islands are based in the big Atlantic Ocean, out for Norway west Cost, and southeast from Iceland, and Northern from Scotland

The captital City of Faroe Island are "Tórshavn" some also are the biggest city.
1: Avro Regional Jet RJ85
11: Fairchild Dornier 328JET
We operate currently routes to this destinations:
Norway:(Altaa, Longayerbyen, Oslo Gardermoen, Bergen, Molde, Tromsø, and Trondheim):
Iceland:(Reykjavik Keflavik, and, Akureyri)
Ireland: Dublin, Cork, Shannon, and Knock)
Holland/Netherlands: (Amsterdam)
Denmark: (Copenhagen, Billund, and Aalborg)
(Greenland) (Sønderstrømfjord/Kangerlusuaq)
UK: (Aberdeen, Belfast(International), Edinburgh, Glasgow(International). Newcastle, and London Heathrow).
(UK Islands) (Kirkwall, Sumburgh, Jersey, and Isle of Man).