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Filipina starts operations today


Manila, Philippines, June 25th, 2016 – Filipina announced today that it started operations in the Philippines, after long-lasting, careful preparation

“We are thrilled to introduce our shiny new airline in the Philippines, where customers were paying too much for so-called premium service,” said Jessica Mendoza, vice president network planning at Filipina. “Our customers are quickly discovering all the Philippines have to offer, its world class beaches, attractions, and luxury resorts. Now customers traveling within this Oceanian gem can enjoy the finest service and comfort during their flight."

Fillipina launched today on domestic flights between the busy hubs of Manila and Cebu where it will quickly win over travelers and stimulate a new market for premium travel. With its introduction in the Philippines, Filipina strongly believes that any customer, leisure or business, visiting some of the top destinations in the region is also craving a higher level of service.

“Filipina has proven to be a very strategic airline partner for the Philippines, offering a best-in-class flight service in the domestic market source market,” said Minister for Tourism & Civil Aviation, Dr. Hon. Dona Mendez. “The responses from visitors are already very positive after the first flights, so much so that the initial flight planning needs to be expanded already. We are pleased to welcome this premium experience that gives travelers more options.”

At the time of its maiden flight, Filipina operates more than 250 flights weekly from its hubs of Manila and Cebu, with plans to dramatically increase capacity and reach in the next weeks. All customers will enjoy modern aircraft that is designed with an extreme care in order to fulfill and even exceed all their expectations.


Restyled FlyInPinkExperience on Boeing 737-900ER With Filipina

All customers flying from Manila to Cebu will enjoy our flagship Boeing 737-900ER aircraft, which features the airline’s core FlyInPink™ experience for customers seated throughout the entire cabin.


Features of the 737-900ER core interior include 10-inch television screens offering free entertainment, comfortable seats with the most legroom in the category and power outlets accessible to all customers. Filipina's popular marketplace, a self-serve station full of free snacks, sodas and water for customers to enjoy at their convenience, is also available throughout the flight. And all 737-900ER aircraft offer Filipina's free high-speed broadband Internet service, access to Filipina's Hub content on personal devices and first-run Hollywood movies.