Filter flight schedule by country/continent

Right now I'm trying to find out which airports a partner flies to in a particular country - plowing through his entire schedule is really tedious. It would be really cool if it were possible to filter out the ones that just go to Europe, or one specific country?

I think information filtering would be a great addition to Airline Sim. Same thing with the bank account's just a LONG list of expenses..maybe filter all of it by day? or maybe even by hour? I think we need a little bit more filters to help sort out all of the information!

Rather than their complete flight schedule, I'd like to see a pared-down version of their offices page showing country, airport, and number of departures as a sortable list.  (There's no reason for me to see their load factors.)  It would let me know at a single glance whether I should send a plane to X airport instead of Y, and once I've made that decision, I can get their route and schedule information to/from that airport from the airport's information page. (or a direct link like on my offices page)