Flag Carrier Airlines

[font="Verdana"][size="3"]Are there any Airlines that will claim flag carrying status for their country?

Iceland - Air Icelandic[/size][/font]

You mean in real life or in the game ??

the game

hmmmm…this would be a good Idea for the game to impliment. However, with the amount of players, dont think this will be fare nor possible.

The term ‘flag carrier’ is even in real world outdated. It comes from the past, when every country had its own state-owned airline. Nowadays it does not make any sense, there’s no rule with it and there is no official claim (except for marketing purposes). So what should it be good for in the game?

countries with small or no airline systems

It’d quiet difficult to declare the ‘right’ one as flag carrier like it is in real life. Have a look to the UK’s situation. Who is there the flag carrier? Is it still BA or is it Virgin? History told BA, but many would say it’s VA…I mean, as voeni said it is mostly for marketing purposes.[color=#000000][font=arial, sans-serif][size=2][/size][/font][/color]

Definitely ba the name says it all

Its probably harder to determine the US Flag carrier out of United, AA, and Delta. Flag carriers within Europe and the rest of the world in general are usually easier to distinguish for example Air France - France, Lufthansa - Germany, British Airways - Great Britain.

As for in-game it could just be a novelty feature where it has no direct impact on flights just a status a company holds for the sake of it.

On the other hand it could be implemented where each year a airline bids for the right to become flag carrier against other airlines within the same country paying a one off bid price and then a weekly/monthly price if the bid is won then the status has an impact on flight ratings.

i could say that may work


Or it should go to the airline for free based on a number of factors, namely:

Size (Fleet and Routes)


Financial Status

Hub stature/Buildings

A formula could be worked out that would allow for the game to automatically assign a countries flag carrier for the week or month. And of course this would increase the rating of the airline, thereby having a positive impact on bookings.

Either way it does kind of mean that the status would just keep going to the countries biggest/richest airline each time its up for renewal. And then if that airline gets a further boost from flag carrier status it is a little unfair I think. Also it doesnt really work to well in the EU where many airlines have hubs in many countries. Its a nice idea but I dont think theres a way it can be fairly implemented.

But that’s exactly my pont, since there are some countries with a number of airlines that fit the bill to be the flag carrier it will add one more dimension to the game, something to compete for. And as for the rich and powerful just getting richer and more powerful, welcome to the real world my friend, I thought people wanted this game to be realistic.

Maybe a SKYTRAX style award system could be implemented intothe game.

Airlines win awards based for different categories of theiroperation. Such as best long/short hail airline, best airlines hub airport,best inflight service, best seat and best airline lounges (Terminals inAirlineSim world).

These could be voted for by AirlineSim users. Could be done simplyas polls in the forums or something more integrated into the game worlds.

Just an idea….

I still don’t get the point…

What should it be good for? Are passengers booking preferably a so-called “Flag Carrier”? Do you do that in real life? I don’t think so… Or is it merely to just heighten your ego if you have “flag carrier” status?

Simply because they are flag carriers, yes actually I think some do.

But what about the skytrax system? Pax definitely pay attention to that whether consciously or not. And honestly the biggest companies need not win the award. They might have high prices or bad service that pax don’t like.

I like this idea - im based out of Jamaica on Meigs and am the only one - please apply flag carrier status ;)

no on a serious note i like this idea - but would it just help the big boys beat the little guys into submission?

oh an VAA is the unofficial UK flag carrier BA will always be the official carrier until the U.K. and EU goverments stop BA from stripping LHR slots from those that need them and can offer much needed competition to the stagnant BA