Fleet commonality?

Is it important per the model? Do I suffer a lot if I had Md80s, 737s, 320s in the fleet like in the real world? Does the software simulate this ?



I‘m not sure if I understand your question right… but I assumed you mean the maintenance category?

You can have 3 different maintenance categories in your fleet and pay the „normal“ fee for the maintenance.
For every additional maintenance category you have to pay 5% more maintenance fee.


Isn’t it 15%? I’m pretty sure it is.

15 percent is the rught figure.

You are totally right. It is 15%.

I am not sure if I understand the maintenance category you talk about. I thought I could pick one Mx supplier. If by maintenance category you mean aircraft type then I can understand that.
Let’s get back to my original question:
In real world airline management it is really cost prohibitive to have multiple types of aircraft in your fleets. Different types mean: different parts, different crew training , different of everything. This creates a lot of overhead that destroys the bottom line. I was wondering if this simulation looks at it that way or not.

That’s what the answers say. 3 types are OK for the simulation, every type more makes maintenance more expensive. 15% for each additional type. That’s how the simulation can work with it.

You take one maintenance contractor. And can have up to three Maintenance category in your fleet with no penalty. Every additional category makes it 15% more expensive. The maintenance category for every aircraft you can found in the technical specifications.

And, as @highscore2 already mentioned, that is how the game works with the real world problem you mention.

Every plane has a maintenance category it belongs to. The maintenance category for each plane is displayed on the plane information page. It’s in the “Technical specifications” section.

It’s just a number. The Airbus 321-100 standard is maintenance category “9”. I believe the Boeing 737 family is a “1” for maintenance category.

That’s the maintenance category they refer to when they say you can have three types without penalty.

thank you… I didn’t know any of this. Your post helps a lot.

Have a good day

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