Flight amsterdam to sydnay with techincal stop...but where?


i'd like open a route between the airports but i need a technic stop.....but where?

If I schedule a via flight ams-del-syd i can't load passenger form del to syd.

Is there a solution?

thank in advance


Hi Davide,

Your solution would be to use the via flight function however I think your effort will be a waste of time....

Basically AS (no matter if you put via or as 2 separate flights) will book the flights the same way so will be treated as two separate flights so...



As you have traffic rights on AMS-DEL you will have passengers booking this routing. You will also have passengers booking AMS-SYD which will be shown as connection, but these will be relatively few, and certainly not enough to make a profit. You will not have new passengers booking DEL-SYD as you do not have traffic rights. There is also no way in AS to say "do not allow AMS-DEL passengers to book this flight".

Others may have a solution but I fear you are wasting your time




thank's for reply...i've see waht happen in real life, there is no flight with techincal stop froma ams to syd but tw separate flights with different company..I'should use the IL partners

You can use a one bar (or less!) airport as a technical stop. Check a few airports on the route that are suitable for your aircraft and schedule a via flight through this airport: AMS-one bar airport-SYD. This way you will have almost no passenger booked for the first leg and all are booked for the AMS-SYD.

Just make sure that the runway length is long enough at your 1-bar techstop airport. Nobody likes to schedule a refuelling stop and find out that the plane can’t take off from there with a full belly of gas.

The easiest strategy is to find an interline partner based somewhere in Asia, you fly, or both of you fly AMS-Asia, and the Asian partner can carry passengers continuing onwards to SYD. This helps both of you, as you don’t need to find a full plane’s worth of passengers every day (assuming you wanted to run a daily flight).

The Great Circle routing essentially passes through HKG,MFM,CAN, and CTU. The midpoint of the GC route is somewhere between CTU and HKG/MFM/CAN, by my extremely scientific guesstimation. All are significant airports, so you should have plenty of traffic ex-AMS.

Try Dubai Al Maktoum (DWC)

Try Dubai Al Maktoum (DWC)

Yes, perfect 1 bar airport. Not. 

Actually, one bar is in your interest

Couple of weeks ago I tested a route from Buenos Aires to Tokyo Haneda with a stop in Honolulu flying a B777-200ER. It looks really great on your flight map, especially as no one else comes close with such routes. But in the end its a very expensive way to have a good looking flight map. It just costs tons of money.

Why do you need technical stop?

You can use B777-200LR for direct flight between AMS and SYD. Your maximum capacity will be 87%, it is more than enough for excellent seats on-board.

I won't suggust a technical stop. I tried it from FRA to SYD, but the pax do not like that. Since then I am using A340-500.  I had a short look at your airline: You have B787-8 which can operate non-stop on that route. You can transport up to 281 pax without cargo on that route. This is normaly still enough. Around 70% payload.

If on Quimby and Ellinikon you can use a 777-200LR in profit.!

And non stop. (better rating on ors)

I fly several 787's non stop between London Gatwick and Sydney on Nicosia, with a small profit.  There is no need for a stop.