Flight analyzer

Adding a tool that would allow for easier tracking of flights that bring profit and flights which generates a loss would be a big help.


For example:


 Flight number Airplane /Date 3 March                4 March       5 March

 1                                AAA             Profit (eg. 1348)   1457            1567

2                                 AAA                123                     -432           -23

6                                 AAB               -2134                   -1999          Not assigned

Nice idea... this could be done under operations control. The city office stats can show you load factor from this week vs last week (from/to a specific destination) but this would be a nice tool to quickly check each flight individually.

This is one of those things that should fall under "owner maintenance". Create an Excel spreadsheet and you can basically get it done yourself without having to wait for AS to do it for you.

And how much time each of us should spend on making excel spreadsheet? This would save a lot of player's time, and I believe that would not be a problem to make something like this because it does not require any complicated procedures. It is more useful than many things that have been made here.

It might save you time, but what I'm saying is Martin has a ton of things that he's doing to improve AS. This might be done in a week, it might be done in a year. If you want to wait and hope it goes to the top of the list and gets done quickly, by all means, do so. I've found that for things like this, it's much quicker to do my own work and do it the way I want it done, so I don't have to wait and I can continually use the sheet and adjust it as needed.


when I create a new flight schedule, I leave the window tab open for a couple of days. Once the first three days have passed, I can tell if the plane is getting enough bookings to my taste.

Every now and then, I take a look at my office page. Within seconds, I can tell if there are problems somewhere. And if I see that an office/airport has low seat loads, I check the routes to/from that airport and make the necessary changes.

If you want a detailed list of planes with low load factors, you can use the load monitor. Flights that show red, loose money. It doesn't matter if the loss is 5000 dollar per flight or 10.000 dollar per flight. Empty routes need to be changed. Simple as that  :-)

I "waste" a lot of time looking for good routes and free slots, not by counting how much I exactly loose on a flight.


Jeez people...you do realize you have to spend time on a game...you can't expect the game to play itself for you. If you can't afford to spend a lot of time you can always operate a small fleet instead of a big one.