Flight cancelled ?


one of my flights just got cancelled, completely out of the blue…

  • it was an old flight schedule that never gave any problems.

  • flight schedule is okay: pilots, cabin crew, seats are green.

  • condition is at 95%

But it got miraculously repositioned :huh:

Flight CAI-IST was carried out as it should, and the aircraft landed in Istanbul at 19:57 hrs

After a turn-around time of 45 minutes it was supposed to take off at 20:42 hrs (as always)

I got a message "your flight has been cancelled" and the plane is currently in Cairo… while it should be inflight, halfway from IST to CAI.

Smells like a bug…

server: Tempelhof

flight: MNM 2692

Possible cause: I was working at the plane’s flight schedule and had activated with three days delay one hour before today’s flight got cancelled.

But the server was also rebooted in that period (after I rescheduled and before the flight got cancelled, I believe).

AS is welcome to refund the 10.720 dollars this bug costed me :P


All those troubles cause of single cancelled flights… like you would went bankrupt because of one flight.

Maybe you should post just a screenshot. Difficult to make a picture of what happened. Pretty sure there’s no bug. :D

Hi Fencc,

you mean a screenshot of the flight list, so you can see the flight was cancelled ? Plus a screenshot of the fleet list, so you can see that the plane’s condition is 95% ? Plus a screenshot that shows the plane has suddenly repositioned itself to Cairo, 5 minutes after it landed in Istanbul ?

There is only one Tempelhof server, and there is only one flight that is called mnm 2692, and the cancelled flight was scheduled for today 18:42 server time. I am sure Martin will be able to find that flight if he thinks it is strange. And if he doesn’t, he doesn’t.

If it is not a bug, it is a feature I did not know…

And no, I won’t go bankrupth because of one cancelled flight ;)


There is a big chaos in Turkey nowadays, some problems in the national assembly, some in the football, yesterday there was a problem with vertical resolution at IST around FL190… Seems like AS is putting the life into effect :)

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I got one of those two, but the plane is inflight. I found it very odd myself.

I’m sure he’ll take a look if you send us a bug report through support@airlinesim.aero… ;)

It’s probably too late for that anyhow.

No problem, Martin.


Possible solution: Maintenance ratio close to 100%? If yes, an asymmetric schedule (not the same amount of flights or flight times every day) may lead to a cancellation, even if it’s been several weeks.

Hi Plotz,

maintenance ration stood at 150%, the flight schedule was symmetric and had been running for months.

It happened shortly after I moved that flight to another plane, with a three day delay activation. But shortly after I changed the schedule, I got several Apache errors and then no connection for a few minutes. So perhaps it was only a hick up because the server was rebooted or so.