Flight Crew Management


Does anyone knows if it is possible to remove a particular Flight Crew from my “Employee Overview” page that has none employed (nor required). For example, I was experimenting with different types of older crafts to see how profitable they are on long distance routes. I leased 3 A340s and now decided that I don’t want to use them anymore. If I returned the airplanes and retrained the pilots to another aircraft type, will I still have A330/A340 pilots shown in my list of Flight Crew or will it disappear after one week?


if you retrained the pilots to another aircraft type … lets say for example to a 737 then they will not be shown on the A340 any more instead you will see them on the 737…

Thanks. I will give it a try (and I hope it works).

When I first started playing AS, I was experimenting with a number of different aircraft types. However, when I returned the lease on an airplane (for example ATR), I lay-off the pilots and I remember the type of flight crew (ATR) stayed in the list for a few days even though there were no pilots. I eventually restarted because I didn’t like how it showed in my Staff page a bunch of flight crews that I had used before with no pilots.

I agree. The crew type with 0 pilots and 0 aircraft in fleet should be automatically removed from the ‘Crew Management’ and ‘Personnel Management’ pages… It is bothering to go through the even when I have no need to…

That’s exactly how it works: Unused type ratings get removed automatically.

Be aware the post you were replying to was made 6 years ago…

When does that happen? I still have T20 in my hiring overview despite not operating the type for over 60 days at this point

Can confirn this. Due to my experiance they will never be deleted.

Hm, interesting. Will do some research on that matter.

It’s not annoying (to me) so I don’t think fixing is a priority

Confirming too, they do not disappear and there is no way to get rid of them. Somehow annoying.

And cheating potential also. You can hire “ready” pilots for typeratings you do not use anymore. And retraining them is chaeper, than training them yourself complete.

In my case, it wont go away. it’s a bit annoying tho

I think it should be fixed the other way - pilots of all types should be available for hire, just so they can be retrained for desired type. Not seeing pilots of other types right now is unrealistic. Its not like they retired or moved to other profession - they are still looking for work.

It goes away after a few weeks , ultimately it does. And it’s really not annoying at all. Nough said.
@fug no cheating, you can still transfer in such aircraft from other sub or lease from market and hire and retrain. The money saved is peanuts, a grain of sand in Sahara.

Not really. For a new founded company every single cent counts.

I think it is a good idea to keep pilots of all types open and available. Training costs are anyway very high.

i often buy pilots in advance …keep them a week or two on the payroll - it is cheaper than buying them / training them if they are not available. Any existing pilots if I have changed to different planes i will retrain iirc it is far cheaper to retrain than layoff

It can take several weeks, but eventually they will stop showing up. And it kind of makes sense:
imagine going through all that trouble of raising morale, only to lose it all if you happened to have 0 pilots at any moment, and having to rebuild it if you hired them again. That way that group (and its morale rating) will remain in the system for a few weeks to make sure you don’t want to rehire them.