Flight Number Assignments

Can the same flight number be assigned to a different aircraft on a different day and departing at a different time. For example flight 2055 assigned to aircraft N7000 departing at 0700 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Can that same flight be assigned to aircraft N7500 departing on Tuesday and Thursday at 0740.


same flight number, same time.

however, same flight number different aircraft is possible if it has the same speed and turnaround time

Not correct at all

same flight number = same departure time + same destination

Arrival type, turnarrount time etc. may be different

oh. thank you for the correction then.

So, even today it is not possible to have flight number 1731 schedule run on two different aircraft on different days?

Of course you can schedule the same flight on different aircraft on different days. You can also change the times, but only within the realm of the departure offset function which if I remember right was an hour either side?

@devanshrshah you’ve replied to a post from 2012, before the departure offset feature was introduced.

You could always schedule the same flight (same departure time, same destination) on different aircraft on different days (more or less required for very long flights).

The departure offset feature has additionally made it possible to change the departure time on different days of the week, an hour each way from the nominal departure time.

Maybe it’s simple but I am not able to figure it out. And how is this to be done?
I tried using the Add schedule from Existing Flight Number, but it deleted the flights from the original aircraft.

Let’s say that you would like to add Flight AB001 for Tuesday and Thursday to aircraft B.

  • open aircraft B
  • click on “existing flight number tab”
  • select flight AB001
  • after loading you see the “flight planning” window. For each day you can see the currently assigned aircraft (or “—” if no aircraft is assigned).
  • tick the little boxes under Tuesday and Thursday.
  • if required, change speed override or departure offset
  • click “apply schedule settings” (green button)

You should see the flights in the flight plan. If green, all is well. If yellow, the flight plan needs to be activated *(select flight plan operation, bottom right). If red, there was some error -> try again.

Hope this helps!

For scheduling weekly rotations, my suggestion is first to schedule an aircraft with weekly rotation, then assign the flights to the 6 other aircraft inside the scheduling page.

In this page, you can assign flights slightly faster than going into each aircraft’s page and select flights. Since you already know there will be no scheduling conflict, the weekly schedule look is of no use anyway.

I just started this game, it’s very difficult to understand these flight numbers.
So I bought a plane and I have a route assigned
Aircraft 737-800 N9382
Flight number 9382
JFK-MIA-TUS is the route
Everyday schedule
Now can I keep the aircraft and same flight number back TUS-MIA-JFK same day??
Using the same flight number or do I need to create new flight number going back so that aircraft starts in JFK everyday?

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