Flight Planning

Hi there team,

Can you confirm that the current arrangement on RIEM is intentional for the flight planning phase?

Previously when planning a flight with all the green ticks, there was also a green/red/amber bar that appeared on the time chart below. However, that is now not present and it is almost impossible to see times/destination/flight number on the time chart. The previous display was much much better, any chance you will consider switching that display back to the last one?

All I get is a black time chart with little white squiggles. 

Many thanks

I guess it looks like it was mentioned in other threads, for example here? http://community.airlinesim.aero/topic/9082-flight-plan-unreadable-after-63/

Do a hard reload for your browser (Ctrl+F5 or Ctrl+Shif+R).

Thanks will give it a try