Flights are booked then modified schdule, can't find in ORS!

Hello all! :)

I have made schedule for a fleet then activated immediately, which soon created bookable flights up to second of January. I could also find these flights on ORS.

However, I changed departure time for only several flights, then did immediate activation for modified schedule.

I waited for a while, but still northing has updated regarding this rescheduling.

Old schedule flights are still on active flights list of the fleet page.

With booking rate of 0% in all flights (Which also can be manually cancelled).

I cannot find neither old and new scheduled flights on ORS search listing.

How to resolve this?

Can I manually delete old schedule flights which is 0% booked and cannot be found on ORS, then hitting activate new plan again would generate immediate new flights for the fleet?

Delete plese. 

Any changes you make only affect new flights that will still be generated. Flights that are already generated byvthe system (i.e. that show in the flights tab) will keep their old settings. Even if you manually cancel them, as there cannot be 2 flights with the same number on the same day, even cancelled ones.

When changing a schedule it’s best to activate with a 3-day delay, otherwise it’s a mess. The immediate activation should be used only when creating a schedule from scratch, and only when you’re sure you’ll fill the plane with just one day of bookings.

If you want the new flights to depart at different time then previously scheduled and booked into ORS fliggts, you have two options

  1. Create flights at different time with new flight number (make sure you cancel old booked flights manually)

  2. After manually deleting all flights of a flight number, go into flight number management and delete those flight numbers. After they are deleted, schedule them at a different time at time when you wish and activate. Those flights will now be booked into ORS. You may want to wait 5 to 10 minutes between deleting the flight number and rescheduling it again and activating it.

Cheers! Bob and Rubio for the tips! It worked perfect!

As you wrote, I solved it by creating new schedule by giving a flight new flight number!

Then, manually cancelled old flights, and have done immediate activation of the new plan.

New schedules are booked normally and can see on OSR!

Extra stuff, When I deleted old cancelled flight numbers, it went away from the list of flights for the fleet.

And there was like six traveller booked on the flight when I cancelled the flight. :lol: Is my business going to obviously pay back fares? That did not happen right away.


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