flights from A to B with stop

I’m going to fly a route that requires a stop dueto distance. When making my ticket prices for that route do I just select th start and end point and put the total price or do I have to break it down A to B=one price then B to C= a second price?

Answer B: A - B have their own price as B - C have.

Ok I’m still a little confused.

So lets say I have a flight from Orlando (MCO) to Los Angeles (LAX). Lets say the plane I picked cannot make that flight.

So I schedule a stop in Denver using the "Add Via" option on the scheduling page.

You’re saying I have to adjust the ticket prices from MCO to DEN then do prices from DEN to LAX?

When I pulled up the route management it doesn’t show the route from MCO to DEN. I have to create that route to adjust the prices.

Sorry I’m just a little confused. I thought you could just put the price from MCO to LAX and that was it.

I did a little picture for you. This settings would bring a price for the PAX from ABJ to POG 60% of the “100% standard price” (let’s say it would cost 60 AS$ instead of 100 AS$) and POG to RAI would make a price of about 119 AS$. The flight has ONE flight number (didn’t filled one there) but are handled like two different flights. If you want I can show you how it looks like in the Route Management, I have some via flights.

BUT: Via flights mostly just make sense when you have rights to transport PAX between A & B and B & C.

I guess one thing I hadn’t considered is the return flight. I couldn’t figure out why there were zero pax coming back but I guess because my refuel stop was in a foreign country it looked like first leg was A to B in that country, not my own, so they can’t buy tickets.

I don’t like that feature

VIA flights really only make sense in the carribean (CARICOM 5th Freedom) or Africa ( Yamoussoukro Decision)

there you can fly A-B-C (with B and C beeing in a foreign country that has signed the treaty) with passenger transportation rights on B-C, but only if your flight starts or ends at A, wich is in your home country.

In the a above mentioned MCO-DEN-LAX a via-flight is pointless, you can just fly MCO-DEN, DEN-LAX, LAX-DEN, DEN- MCO

You can, of course make the via-flight if you want, but it will be of no difference to your passengers.

If you want to fly A-B-C (with B and C beeing in a foreign country) and your actual goal ist to get your passengers from A to C, with B beeing a stop for refuelling, you should make sure that B is an Airport that probably noone from A wants to fly to, something really small with suitable runway.