Flights Not Taking Off But Also Not Cancelled?

I have a bunch of flights supposed to be leaving CMN at 00:00 and it’s now 00:31 and they’re all just sat there not moving. They don’t say cancelled (not that there’s any reason they would be) and they don’t say boarding. Is it a time zone thing? Is it a glitch?

Could this be because the clocks have gone forward here and 1am is 12am? Which time setting do I need to use to combat this. Hoping it’s this!

This is in Domination V.

Change your settings to use UTC time zone.


It is currently 00:11. Daylight savings time is not applicable anywhere in Airlinesim. But your flights seem to have taken off.

You also have such a weird schedule. Flying to a destination twice on Fridays and none on any other day of the week is definitely… an active choice


I’m fairly new to the game… There’s such a thing as being nice and not being sarcastic and rude… Don’t really see the need for it or the value in it for me or for you. But hey ho.

Thank you, appreciated.

You’re right, my bad. I was not in the greatest mindset typing that. :slight_smile:

Schedules in the Online Reservation System book in 72 hour cycles. What this means, is that a flight will only book in the 72 hours preceding it, once a day. While it is usually better to fly somewhere daily, if you are going to fly to a place less than weekly, it is recommended that you spread them out. In this case, you could fly on Tuesday and Friday. That way you have flights booking for 6 days instead of only 3 and competing for demand (there are only a fixed amount of passengers per day booking flights). That is just a suggestion though…


Yeah learning these lessons as I go and have read that it’s common to restart (which I have done, for plenty of reasons).

I like the hub I’m in, just keep trying different ways of doing things. Thank you for the insight, it’s helpful