Fly Wales

Welcome to Fly Wales, based at London Heathrow, we offer domestic routes to Wales as well as airports around the UK, with our Airbus A320 Fleet, we also offer international flights to Europe, we are hoping within the coming days to purchase some long haul aircraft to fly to America. We hope to see you on board one of our aircraft soon. 



Are you using Islander between Amsterdam and Gatwick???

I hate to say this, but you don’t have 320 on your fleet…


It seems the company is already reported, hope that AS team will react here fast.

Where's the f***ing popcorn?!  :D

Thanks for your offense, Highlander222.

Do you know why you have been reported? Not for lying (Airbus fleet.. <_<) but for using small props on 10 bar airports. That is slot blocking.

You really don't need that many Islanders... If you are worried about not getting enough PAX at the beginning, try to start with RJs. 

There are two large airlines liquidate in these two weeks, so you have a good choice to start with all those new open slots in those mega airports. No one wants to see hundreds of Islanders taking slots from their airports. There was an airline use LET in large airports, but not hundreds of LETs

Okay thank you 

Okay, I am not a big fan about discussion bilateral things in public. But as you keep ignoring my polite request to stop sending me IL requests, here we go:

I am not going to sign an IL agreement with you. This will not change, even if you keep sending me IL requests every minute.

I asked you five times by now to stop that. Please leave me alone! Thanks.

Bye bye :lol: