Fokker 3.0: new private game word

Hello everyone :wave:

The Gameworld Fokker is making a fresh restart!
We start recruiting new players. Actually we have around 8 seats available. The start of the server is in the next days.

Starting money for the first 3 months is 60EUR.

Server rules:

• At the start, each player will get two holdings (A and B). These should be on different continents. Starting money is 70m and increasing over time.
• A few weeks after the start, each player can start one holding (C) with starting money 25m in a country where the biggest airport is max 6 bars.
• More hubs and holdings will be added later.
• During the first six months you can only fly to or from your own hubs. The 1st hubs of each A, B and D holding will remain exclusive for the full duration of Gameworld. When a player leaves the server, their hubs stay blocked so we can use them to find new players.

General settings:

• Ground network: On;
• Single slots;
• Nighttime bans: off;
• Dynamic turnaround times: On;
• Availability of aircraft: All models currently in production and a lot of old models such as B727, MD-80, etc. will be available.
• Used aircraft: No at start. After three months, new holdings (age less than one month) are allowed to lease / buy planes from the used market.
• Global demand for passengers and cargo: 30% at start, will be increased over time.
• Wide bodies distance limitation: No;
• Maximum of 36 flights a day between two airports by a holding (max. 24 pax + 12 cargo or max. 24 cargo + 12 pax)
• A player can use max 90% of the slots at an airport with one holding.
• IPO: Yes, however the original owner must retain control of an enterprise.
• Real airline name and logos allowed: Yes, fictional as well.
• Open Investment countries: Yes – see detailed rules.
• A passenger holding can have a cargo subsidiary and vice versa.
• IL between own holdings is allowed.
• Players are not allowed to lease planes from one of their holdings to another of their holdings. They are, however, allowed to lease planes within the same holding or to other players.
• UK is not part of the EU treaty.
• Payment is per quarter and is based on the price for the server divided by the number of players.

If you are interested in joining or you have some questions, than feel free to visit the discord server for further communication.

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We have nice airports such as JFK, PHX, IAH, FCO, BCN, MUC, VIE, CTU and SZX available. Countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Vietnam are completely empty as well.
Gameworld launching on Monday (17/04).

I am interested in playing a long term private game, how do we sign up?

Interested in joining! My preferred hub is MNL.

Visit our discord server to sign up: Fokker Airlinesim

Unfortunately the server is currently full. However feel free to stick around in the Fokker Discord to see if new places open up.