Hi everybody!

The current system for food onboard isn’t very good in my mind. I want a system that allows you to have a buy on board system onboard the plane. Also I want in the new system, more food options. For example if you are operating a red eye flight from YYZ-LHR you would want passengers waking up to a breakfast. But currently you don’t have options to do that. Basically I want players to be allowed to choose a buy onboard service and have food options to suit that time of day. It wouldn’t make sense to have dinner served at 7am onboard your plane.

This is one of the topics we have in our mind on long term maybe including catering as a new business model. But currently it would only mean - increasing cost would mean increasing qauality which satisfies the passenger more - so another compensation factor but no real strategic decission to be done.

Maybe an idea for the on-board service profile should have an option to specify more directly a minimum distance before choosing what to offer.

Cool. I’m looking forward to this, especialy catering as business.

How about selling food onboard option. Like the lowcost airlines