Forced Maintenance

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I have all my aircraft above 100% maintenance ratio. I have noticed planes will fall below the 50% ratio and just continuously cancel flights. Even if they have been sitting for 2+ days. I transferred a plane to see if it was completed and nothing was done. How do I force maintenance on my planes?

Do I have to transfer them to my hub in order for that to happen?

Do you have the money on hand to pay for maintenance?

How often are your maintenance breaks scheduled? Can you post a flight plan for one of the affected planes?

my guess this is why.

You have to transfer the aircraft out to one of the next destinations or your hub. Give the aircraft time to get maintained, so you may have to cancel a couple of flights.

Looking to the screenshot, four days without maintenance is way too much!

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New (2 weeks) to AS and am having a similar issue with 1 of my 5 leased new CRJ 1000. It is down to 80% health after 2+days (10% fall off each day). The other 4 all drop about 10% each day and then return to 100% after 5 hours off service each night. Have money in account so unless maintenance on one CJ is high 6 figures…?
All 5 CRJs have 130% + Maintenance and sit quiet from roughly midnight to about 5:30am before service begins. Using Avia as maintenance. This sad and sickly plane is the only one of the 5 that overnights at my hub…confused.
Any thoughts or tips appreciated. Love this Game!!!

Post the screenshot of your flight plan page. That’s the first place to start I think.

Appreciate you taking the time to help. As I mentioned STL is my HQ and I have $ in bank. I’m considering a reset as I am finding more and more “tools” that is changing my thinking, but not until I figure out what is causing this issue.

Does it show that plane getting maintenance?

Go to Accounting in the menu. Go to the Bank Account tab.

Look for entries like “Maintenance of N012XTL (18440 maintenance ratio)”.

Does it have any entries for that plane?

The sickly is back to health this morning with a 96% condition. Thank you for the call on “Bank Account”. Another page I will monitor moving forward.

All 5 CRJ’s received maintenance yesterday, 4 were in the $1,500-$3,000 and the sickly was $16,000. Maybe the maintenance crew in my STL station all called out the night before when it was ignored…?

Is there a way to request maintenance on a specific plane if it gets below a threshold or do you just take it out of service for 18-24 hours and live with the cancelled flights? Based on my reading, it is the latter.


Did you get that plane new or used?

The best thing you can do is what you’ve already done. Just schedule regular maintenance every day that totals over 100% maintenance ratio, and your planes will always be able to fly.

All 5 are New (Leased) from 4 days ago and they are in 3rd day of service. Just getting started and had to reset after 3 days and again after 8 days. Third time is not the charm, but I’m picking up a ton from the tools, forums, etc. Sitting here now looking at maps, market analysis, etc. for my 4th try. I wish the starting capital was more than 10 mil, but that makes it a challenging game.

Thanks again,