fornebu slow

As the title says, for the past 30 minutes, fornebu has been very very slow.

Aspern is the same. Up, but fighting lag.

Just checked tempelhof and same thing ...slooooooow

And Nicosia also slooooooooooow ...

this leads me to believe this is a network issue

Also, huge packet loss when pinging

Either a router gone bad at the hosting facility or a DDoS going on ...

It seems to be back to normal (5.20 AM Europe time).

Where are you guys located?

Midwest, USA.

Our game servers are all located in a data center near Strasbourg, France. I did not receive any reports about connectivity issues, but maybe some uplink was down last night. I can only guess, really. I'm pretty confident though that the problem wasn't on or side (or in our sphere of influence, anyway), especially since all game worlds seemed to be affected at the same time, which is very unlikely if it were a technical issue of AS itself.