Forum signature with airline details

I’ve noticed a number of people on the forum have a signature which contains a link to their airline details - location, number of flights and so on - how’s it done? I’ve tried editing the signature to add a link to the info page of my airline, but it doesn’t appear. I tried external link and the URL link options - no success.

announcementJust look at this from the AS team about these signature banners.

Thanks! it works. Now the original question I posted has got it as well of course :rolleyes:

testing mine :)

I cannot seem to get mine to work either

Check out whether the quote signs make any difference, since you posted the url with and the img without them…

no luck

Got it. Apparently you cannot copy and paste the code. You have to type the entire line yourself.

Ah, I see… If that’s what fixed it for you, then you could probably also have done the following:

  • Copy the code.

  • Paste it into a notepad file.

  • Change the number to your desired airline.

  • Copy the new code from the notepad file.

  • Paste in your signature.

From what you say, it sounds like it pastes the entire formatting (text colour etc.), rather than just the text, when copying directly from the forum.


Please use ‘about Me’ on your own profile page (click on your nick on top of page and click ‘my profile’ ) to check your signature.