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Hi All,

Can I humbly suggest that all other fonts other than Arial font be disallowed. It is extremely tiresome to try and read some ramblings in hard to read fonts

What do people think?


Why? There has not been one of these cases in years.

I think most of people are using "normal" fonts, so it shouldn't be a problem

Personally i actually like times more than Arial

I agree Ianmanson. It sucks to try to read post written with Comic Sans MS or Courier New or even Times New Roman fonts. 

Those two are annoying, but there is one more that only seems to appear on mobile browsers rather than on a laptop, so maybe thats my main gripe (other than people using massive letters for no reason)

There are just 9 different fonts so why not see a bit of variation :).

I will not annoy you more but I do not see the need to delete it.

Check out Comic Sans MS on a mobile browser (this message is in CSM) and I think you may see what I mean

It doesn't look too bad on my phone, it looks ... normal

It just looks different, but shouldn't be that bad that needed to be deleted 

Why the world hates Comic Sans.

I’d prefer to not see other fonts and font sizes, I took the time to customize my system and browser fonts, I’d like to see content displayed in the manner that I chose. However, that’s more of a request for a toggle to disable viewing others’ rich text input, which would be a request to the IP.Board team rather than the AS team.

I took a look at that font with a Sony Z5 and I found nothing strange. I personally really like Common Sans MS. 

Am I the only one that would see the attached font as annoying?

Not too bad on PC...


on mobile it still looks fine, and it isn't a long message. if the whole forum is in that font, i may complain about it

Think this may be an iphone thing :(

Think this may be an iphone thing :(

It could be, since my Windows laptop, Windows hybrid, Android tablet and Android phone are all showing the font like in TWAAir's screenshot.