Free Logos!

You're the best! Thanks!!!

Oi Daniel, gostaria muito que você criasse uma pintura para as aeronaves da minha empresa. Bem, já criei meu logotipo, mas estou com dificuldades para passar para as pinturas das aeronaves. Aqui está o logotipo:

Se possível use somente as cores do logotipo. Minha frota é composta por EMB 195. Obrigado desde já! 

Ei Daniel, o logotipo que criei foi tipo asas de um pássaro como você pode ver.

Ei Daniel, o logotipo que criei foi tipo asas de um pássaro como você pode ver.

Aqui! :D




Oi Daniel

Eu deletei minha compania Connect Brazil e eu recomecei como Estrela Linhas Aereas

Eu gostaria uma pintura para o meu Embraer 195, com o estilo de estrelas.

Eu gostaria um logo tambem com estrelas e Estrela Linhas Aereas escrito no logo e na pintura.

Tipo como a bandera do brazil.

Aqui! :D




Incrível!!! Muito obrigado Daniel! Valeu mesmo! 

Hey again

I have just deleted Connect Brazil and have restarted as Estrela Linhas Aereas

I'd like a livery with a star design with the colors of Brazil.

If you have time as well, i'd like a livery for the 2014 World Cup too for Estrela Linhas Aereas.

I'd like a normal livery to go along with it, but i'd like 3 different color schemes for each normal one.

Can I just say that you do a very nice job.

Thank you very much!! They are awesome, I love your job


My Company is named MANILA AIRLINES can you create me a LOGO for my airline 

I was so interested at the works that you've done :) 



Hi Daniel,

 Would you like to make me a small and large logo for my company?

  It's called ISRAEL WINGS. :D

Thank you.


Can you please make livery for Fokker f-28 - 4000. My airline is Sky Line, and here is my logo If you need, my front in Photoshop is Chalkduster.




I really like the work you deliver.

I now have a (not too creative) stolen and adjusted 'Sky Team' logo and made it into a 'Sky Pete' logo

I really look forward to see if your creativity can make a better one :) 

I also like to have a banner.

I fly ATR-42 500F (air freight only)

I like the colors in Blue and White. 

Waiting with high expectations,

regards, Peter


I'm looking for a logo for my airline TUN Express in Tunesia. I would prefer orange colors with a sun in it.

If you are also able to create a livery for Bombardier Dash8-Q400A and LET 410UVP it would be awesome. Thanks.


I'd like a livery for a Bombardier Dash 8 Q400A for my airline, Iran International Airways. I'd like it to have kind of like the new American Airlines livery with the Iranian flag on the vertical stabilizer and rear of the fuselage. The rest is up to you!



Hi Daniel,

I see you’re having fun at this. Great work!!

If you’re bored at some point, I would like to have a new logo and an aircraft livery (787) for Algerian Airlines (@ Devau). The aircraft livery can also only contain ‘Algerian’ as name, if thats nicer. I’ll leave that up to your creativity!

Thank you very much in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel,

My company is zodiac airways can i have a livery on a Bombardier dash 8 q400a and a a330-200 please.



I don't know why you guys keep posting these logo requests... DanielIL has not been active for over a month on this site and he has not replied in this thread for over two months.

But anyway, keep posting ...

Hi there

My company’s name is Duke Air if you could design a livery for me (Embrear 175) that would would be brilliant



i need a logo for my airline

air cathay based in hkg.

colours maybe green withe

or red white

thanks a lot



Hi Daniel!

Are you still creating logos for other players?

May I ask you to create logos (small and large) for my 3 companies?

Fly Madagascar

Fly Korea

Fly Algeria

I would like them to be similar in some way - consistent, but colors may be different...perhaps in line with national flag colors of each of those countries.

Thanking you for your help in advance :)