Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Yes, you’re not dreaming. Due to the fact that the new performance system is not ready and we can not determine any launching date, we decided to add some missing aircraft to the current system! The first one is the ATR 72-600 which entered our test-system today. The start with this type has some internal reasons. On the list of aicraft to be introduced are the 787-8, 747-8F and 747-8I, SSJ100 and the AN-148 - please note that we may not include all types depending on the data we can organize and on how the aircraft-type will “effect” in the current system.

The airport data will be updated for the last few airports in africa in the next few days too, so you may expect a next data patch within the next few weeks.

Just entered the data for the 747-8I in the test system, but it is not satisfying at all. Have to dive deeper to find some more data ;)

Hehe, may be very difficult, there is a few law suites ongoing between Boeing and Customers.

787-8 is gonna be a game changer IMO. Great range plus fuel savings equal FTW.

Good News, thank you!

Can you give an approximate timeline for the data patch?

Next 2 weeks or 2 months?

I think many players need this info for further fleet development.

No, sorry, can’t give a timeline at the moment, as I can’t tell anything about how fast I can manage to get satisfactional results ;)

Indeed, I foresee many a 739 coming back on the lease (and sale) market on all servers when the 787 models come out.

i dont think so.

The 787 has more seats and most of the airlines use the 737 from there Hub to small Airports.

To me the 787 will open up roue to which the 767 didn’t have the range and the 777 is just to big due to market demand or runway length. ANA is using the 787 to open up route to Boston to Tokyo non stop even a non stop flight to San Jose, California from Tokyo.

Can’t wait to add the 787 to my fleet! I’ve been waitling a long time for you guys to add this to airlinesim!

Any ideas when it will be available?


It has been a week now, since you announced new aircraft: Can you give us any information on how your tests are going and how satisfying the results are by now?

the values for the 747-8I have been adjusted and it seems they are ok now. I will add the ATR42-600 and 747-8F later on today or tomorrow. Don’t know how fast it will go on now.

Nice! Do you also plan to introduce the 747-8I since it will be delivered next month to LH?

ehm - no, we are entering the data in the test system to have our fun and delete them afterwards? ;)

Read the 2nd post again and the one, before you posted last time …

ups, yeah you are right… Shame on me