Friday, September 2nd, 2011

After it has been discussed on another logbook thread and because I get this request almost daily on our chat room, I finally got around to adding a flight number finder for those large airlines that tend to loose overview.

In fact, there are two slightly different tools available now:

First there is the simply “find first available” link next to the flight number field. It does exactly what you’d expect it to do and enters the first available flight number into the field after clicking it:



If you wish to have more control, the magnifying glass opens a window that shows you up to 100 available flights numbers. You can customize the numer range if you are looking for a specific number:



Both tools are only available in the flight number management section so far, but I’ll probably add it elsewhere, too, if applicable. (these are 1.5.8 features)

Awesome. Is there a list somewhere I can find the things you guys are adding and tweaking in 1.5.8.?

Perfect solution martin, this will be a very handy feature for the ones with big airlines!